Range Rover Land Rover

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Your one-stop shop for quality Range Rover parts in Dubai & Sharjah

Range Rover is a luxury auto brand that demands only the best – and that is what Beta Auto Parts brings to the table. We offer an excellent selection of auto products at the most competitive prices to bring our customers exceptional value.

If you are looking for quality Range Rover spare parts, check our online product portfolio today.

A wide range of OE equivalent spare components and upgrades for your Rover

Beta Auto Parts is a comprehensive provider of car spares, components, and upgrades. Since 2002, we have been serving car owners from both Sharjah and Dubai with high quality products at highly affordable prices. We specialise in top European auto brands, including Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW, Porsche, and BMW.

Located in Industrial Area#4, Sharjah, our centre caters to drivers who are looking for factory fitment quality components, without breaking the bank. We offer OE equivalent components, which are similar in makeup and specifications as OEM parts. While OEM products are made by the same automobile company or by a partner manufacturer, OE equivalent parts are produced by competitors. Our range of spare parts includes the following upgrades and components:

  • Body kit products and variants
  • Bumpers and fenders
  • Headlamps and taillights
  • Door handles
  • Rear spoilers
  • Roof rack assembly
  • Radiator replacements

We have the best prices for Range Rover parts in Dubai and Sharjah

Aside from being a distributor of car components, our company also figures as an importer and exporter of automotive products. This business structure allows us to have complete control over the quality control of our offerings. More importantly, it allows us to offer our products at the most competitive rates. So if you are looking for the perfect combination of reliability and affordability, you have come to the right place.

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Contact us through our hotline at +971 6 533 16 78. You can also email us your queries at betacntr@eim.ae.