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Magneti Marelli Lights: Technological innovation made brilliant

When it comes to automotive headlamps, LED lights make excellent alternatives. Capable of generating incredible luminance while consuming less energy, LED head lamps can help improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of your daily driver, so you get more miles out of every gallon.

For LED lamps inspired by Italian automotive excellence, choose lights by Magneti Marelli. Get them today at Beta Auto Parts – the trusted source of quality auto parts in the UAE.

Combining energy efficiency and industry leading luminance with LED lights

Magneti Marelli is an international company based in Italy specialising in the design, development, and manufacture of cutting edge systems and components for automobiles. Established in 1919, the company is one of the leading innovators in automotive lighting. It is the first to develop the first mass-produced full-LED headlamp in 2007, which is featured in the Audi R8. Today, the company is heading full-tilt into the research and development of headlamp and rear lamp technologies.

Backed by an extensive Research & Development department, the company leverages expertise in thermodynamics, ergonomics, science of materials and chemistry to create innovative lighting solutions. Beyond LED lamps, the Italian company is also involved in developing automotive lighting systems that perform specific road functions such as the Adaptive Frontlighting System (AFS) and the Daytime Running Light (DRS).

Partnering with Magneti Marelli, Beta Auto Parts seeks to bring world-class LED lighting products and more to the UAE.

A wide selection of OE equivalent LED lights at the best prices

As the main distributor of Magneti Marelli lights, Beta Auto Parts offers a wide range of high quality, high performance LED lights for various automobiles in the UAE. Our position as importer, exporter, and distributor allows us to set highly competitive rates for our products. As such, we are confident no other company can match the prices we offer for our lighting products.


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